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Support Ticket System

We are the FileRecoveryTools Support Team. We are the experts on FileRecoveryTools products and we are ready and willing to help you realize all the power available to you with every FileRecoveryTools product you use.

Please fill out the form below to open a Support Ticket. You will receive an email shortly along with a tracking number. Please use this tracking number in all correspondence.

Please complete this form in full so our support technicans have all the information they need to assist you as quickly as possible.

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Very important!
Product Information
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Operating System
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Type of Issue
If a problem only occurs when other software is running please include relevant details. If the problem involves an error message please include the complete text of the error message. You can scroll this field to enter as much text as necessary.

Please do not open multiple tickets for the same issue. Doing so makes it difficult for us to assist you in a timely manner and may delay the resolution of your issue. Thank you.
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