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Three-Step Recovery

This section explains the procedures you should follow to recover deleted data. If your camera is recognised as a logical drive under Windows, you can let F-Recovery for SD™ Card directly access your camera. If your camera is not recognised as a logical drive under Windows, then you will need to use a Card Reader. For this purpose you will have to install a reading device (card reader) as described in the manufacturer's description and also install the included drivers. Then you can directly access the card with F-Recovery for SD™ Card and reconstruct the data.

Select Drive Letter
After you have started F-Recovery for SD™ Card, select the drive letter of your card reader or digital camera. 

Select Target Folder
Next you should specify a target folder. F-Recovery for SD™ Card will save the reconstructed files to this folder.

Start Data Recovery
Click on START and wait a few minutes. F-Recovery for SD™ Card directly begins the data recovery. The Status field will show you how many files have been found and reconstructed.

After F-Recovery for SD™ Card has read the entire medium, you will find the reconstructed files in the target folder.
Above we have described the most basic features of F-Recovery for SD™ Card to get you started. Please read the documentation to learn more about the powerful features of F-Recovery for SD™ Card.


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