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If you have already purchased licenses for our product(s), please use our online Support Ticket System to contact our support staff. We quickly respond to all questions submitted to this e-mail address in the order they are received. Our staff is available to respond to your inquiries 24 hours a day, excluding holidays. Messages are normally answered within one business day.

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To check whether you have the most recent version of MediaUndelete™, please check the MediaUndelete™ home page.

Please see the section entitled Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions.

Before you contact us, please do the following:

But if you still have a problem with MediaUndelete™ and noting else helps, please contact technical support use our online Support Ticket System.

When reporting problems, please include the following information:

Note: you may want to read the "How to Determine the Version of Windows 95 in Use" article by Microsoft. Use the following link.

In order to get the complete computer information (working under Windows 95), open the "Control Panel", click on the "System" applet and press "Print" on "Device Manager" tab.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the next releases, please don't hesitate to post them to us.

You can press F1 at any time while MediaUndelete™ is active for context-sensitive help.


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