MediaUndelete™ - Interface Language
Yes, MediaUndelete™ can speak your language!

Click the Language button in the main window to display the language selection dialog. All installed interface languages are listed here. Using the drop-down list, select the language file to be used, and press OK.

If your language is not listed here, you can create the required file yourself. It is quite simple: just use the file english.lng (located in the MediaUndelete™ program folder) as a template; translate all the words and sentences from English into the language of your choice. The file has to be saved with the name yourlanguage.lng (e.g. esperanto.lng).

Just three caveats here. First, don't translate in english.lng the words in square brackets (e.g. [Translations] and [Messages] - those are the "standard" headers which should not be changed) and the sentences before the "=" sign, because the program uses these words as an ID of the translated text. Second, try to keep the sentences as short as they appear in the English version – otherwise they probably will not fit in the dialog boxes; in some cases the program may even crash if some messages are too long. And last: don't change things like %s, %d or 0x%08X – these are the format specifiers.

By the way, don't forget to inform us that you've made a new international version of the interface – we'll include this file in the next version of MediaUndelete™. If you contact us prior to starting the translation (to be sure that you're the only person who is doing this work), you can receive free registration!

The following interface languages are supported at the moment: English.


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