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Want to try our products before you buy? You've come to the right place. This page allows you to download trial software, as well as free updated versions! By using our products, we know you'll be more productive, and you never lose your important files!

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IMPORTANT! Read all instructions prior to downloading.
Do not install this software or save the installer, recovered files or any other data onto the flash card or removable drive that contains the lost or missing data. Doing so may cause permanent data loss!
File Size
Download Link
F-Recovery for MemoryStick®
version 2.1
0.76 MB
F-Recovery for CompactFlash®
version 2.1
0.78 MB
F-Recovery for MultiMediaCard™
version 1.8
0.77 MB
F-Recovery for miniSD™
version 1.8
0.76 MB
F-Recovery for xD-Picture Card™
version 2.5
0.76 MB
F-Recovery for SmartMedia™
version 1.9
0.75 MB
F-Recovery for SD™ Card
version 2.5
0.78 MB
version 2.0
0.78 MB
To all Users - Each product includes a detailed help file in the English language. Manuals in PDF format and help files and user interfaces in other languages can be found in the Manuals & Interface Files section.

Recommended Configuration for MediaUndelete™:
  For best results, it is recommended that the drive containing the lost data be connected as a secondary, slave drive to a working Windows system (or to a seperate partition on a working drive, just do not save or write data to the partition with the lost data). We suggest using an external hard drive as a temporary boot device if your system supports it. For more details, please see the MediaUndeleteâ„¢ Users Guide.
Tips for downloading & using MediaUndelete™:
  1. MediaUndelete will not recover data from media card or hard disk that have physical damage. Physical damage is described as: unusual noises (eg: clicking or grinding); damage from fire or flood; being dropped; electrical smells; lightning or power surge.

2. Read the MediaUndeleteâ„¢ Users Guide.

Recommended Updates:

In order to run FileRecoveryTools products under Windows® 95/NT 4.0, you may need to install the following updates by Microsoft®:

Latest COMCTL32 update
Microsoft HTML Help update

Problems with Downloading and Installation?

If you encounter any problems with downloading or installation please use our online Support Ticket System to contact our support staff.


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